The Mountain Bike Life

Life. It’s what happens when we’re busy making other plans. Other plans like what this post was supposed to be – a) written for Monday and b) all about being Back in the Saddle again. See, Monday was supposed to be my first mountain bike ride since I took a tumble last fall. And I had this whole plan for pictures and talking about friends who we rode with and shaking the cobwebs off and how awesome it is to have riding friends in Bethany Jane and her sweetie.

This post is supposed to be filled with photos like this

And then half an hour before we were meant to go meet said friends, I learned that my grandma had passed away that morning. Life.

We could still have gone for a ride, but given my lack of confidence, my heart and head just wouldn’t have been in the right place. I needed some quiet to reflect, so instead I headed to the garden and let my tears make clean streaks through the dirt on my face. Somewhere in the conversations I was having in my head with Gram, I realised that if she had been more herself these last few years (her memory was all but gone by the end), she would have loved that I’ve taken up this crazy sport in my slow-moving old lady sort of way. She always had an adventurous spirit; I can imagine her loving the freedom a bike gives.

Life is also why there’s a spot for me to write today, instead of on my usual Monday spot (and thanks, Jenn, for filling in so beautifully). You see, today should be team member Phil’s spot, but our illustrious pro racer on the Evil Vengeance Tour has rebroken a wrist, which makes both riding and writing more than a little difficult. Being the wheel-obsessed man that he is, Phil has found a work-around for the riding. If only it were as fun to teach oneself to type one-handed.

Photo courtesy of Phil, who is determined to bike whatever way he can.

When we started The Mountain Bike Life, we all had things about mountain biking we wanted to share. The rides, the trails, the bikes, the gear, the racing, the learning. We – the team members and our building roster of guest writers – wanted to create a place on the web that was slightly different from other mountain biking sites – a place that had great content, and a little bit more – to get to what drives all that other stuff.

So this post is out of time. It’s short. There aren’t the normal number of pictures. And, sometimes we do the best we can with what life hands us – the mountain bike life, or any other.

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