The Mountain Bike Life

My job takes me to some interesting places. This year we had a marathon training session on some new technologies from the companies I represent, but there was a reward at the end of the torture. That reward was the training was held in Jackson Hole Wyoming. Now you may notice another blog writer Mike was also in Jackson Hole recently. Turns out he was there the week before me and we got to ride the same trails. However before I get to the trails in Jackson Hole lets talk about Wyoming a little bit.

Before we took this trip I did a little reading on Wyoming and Jackson Hole. Every review pretty much said it is one of the most beautiful places on earth. I can report this is true. The town itself in situated in a high plane (about 6400 feet above sea level) surrounded by the most beautiful mountains you will ever see. If you ski this is heaven for 8 months of the year. For those of us who don’t ski there is only a small 2 month window where you can visit without snow on the ground and wear shorts. Even at that I was told there are less then 60 days in the year when it doesn’t frost at night and those 60 days are not consecutive. So as you can imagine it can get chilly at night.

Downhill Run Teaser

The resort we were staying at was just outside of Jackson Hole in the Teton village. Primary use is for skiing so you will notice chair lifts and trams all over the place. The peaks above these resorts are only about 10K feet or so I am told they can be skied from top to bottom. One night we took the tram up and walked around the top of one of the mountains where the black diamond runs start. Maybe I am getting old, but I wouldn’t ski that slope, much less bike it. It was an awesome sight to behold for sure. Oh yeah and if you are going up there, remember a jacket. For various reasons I didn’t have mine and it was about 30 degrees F up there. You can buy a light fleece at the hut for $100, but I decided to just tough it out.

Start of the double black diamond ski runs

So what about biking? Well if you read the last blog from Mike you will know about those downhill runs he went on that were not open. Those were open when I got there 🙂 Two days of 8 hour training and all I could do was stare at those trails. Imagining what it would be like to ride them. Actually, I hiked up to them later in the evening and walked down the runs to see if my skills would be up to riding them. Because of our schedule I was only going to get one afternoon to attack the 6 downhill trails. So, I wanted to make sure I didn’t waste any time riding something too boring or beyond my skill level. I have to say if you have the time to walk a trail before you ride it there is a payoff in you don’t get overly surprised. It was worth my time. More of this to come in my next entry.

Hidden Falls Jenny Lake

Last part of our journey was out to Jenny Lake for a hike to the hidden falls. On the 3 mile hike out to the falls the running joke was we would never actually see them. Making the hidden falls the best hidden falls we never got to see. Much to our disappointment and amazement we did finally get to see the hidden falls. There is a very small platform in one place where you can see them, otherwise they are pretty much……….hidden. If you are in this area I would recommend a journey up to Jenny Lake. It took us about 2 hours to hike out there and we probably could have spent another 2 hours exploring. The journey back can be shortened by taking the boat across the lake back to the parking lot and we did that in the interest of time.

So if you are looking for a destination to hike, bike, sightsee and spend some quiet time with nature this is the place. it is pretty family friendly so don’t be afraid to take the kids or not if you just want to enjoy the peace and quiet nature has to offer. Oh yeah and rent a bike so you can really have some fun!

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