The Mountain Bike Life

The human body is an amazing thing. It can heal itself very quickly and can support an amazing amount of physical activity. But with these traits comes the responsibility to protect your body and rest when it tells you to.

Recently I was riding a trail I had never ridden before with my team. It was a really cool trail, but I crashed early on and hit my head. The crash was inevitable. A blind corner with a root sticking out and over the handlebars I went. I did hit my head pretty hard though.

I have crashed and hit my head before but this time was different. I didn’t quickly jump up and keep riding like usual. It hurt more than your average crash.

My scratched up Bell Super

So I cruised down the rest of the trail in the back of the group concentrating on not falling again. After that I split off from the group and rode back to the parking lot. Why? Because I did not feel like it was safe for me to keep riding. I had scraped and dented my helmet, after all.

As mountain bikers we push the limits almost every time we ride. We have to recognize that something can go wrong at anytime. When something does go wrong, don’t be afraid to end your ride early and rest for a couple of days.

The trails can wait.
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