The Mountain Bike Life

I love to ride mountain bikes. I am not sure how my hobby became an obsession, but I do know that it is an awesome thing to obsess about! But why do I love to ride so much? I have asked my self this question many times, and every time it is hard to come up with a complete answer. Today I will try to answer part of this question.

Climb the hill. Enjoy the view.

There really is something about mountain biking, and cycling in general that gives you a deeper connection to nature. That is pretty obvious I think. We are riding through forests, meadows, mountain tops, and can be closer than ever to wildlife. It really is a beautiful thing.

When I enter the forest, everything else in my life stops. Homework? We will think about that later. Who cares about politics or the latest celebrity drama. It’s time to ride! The only thing that matters to me is if my bike is still moving down that trail.

What better than a skinny piece of single track weaving through the bushes?

The sunlight on my skin, the sound of tires on the dirt, fresh air in my lungs. Nothing but chirping birds and enormous redwoods to keep me company. It is sensory, it is peaceful, it is simple.

That is why mountain biking is so special to me. I go riding and get in my zone where everything is peaceful and relaxing. I am sure that there is a scientific explanation to what I feel, but lets keep it simple. As long as the passion for mountain biking is there, there will always be good feelings that come with it. These feelings are what drives me to ride my bike, and riding my bike is all that I want to do.

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