The Mountain Bike Life

This year winter in Ontario has absolutely sucked for riding. Weeks of near freehub seizing temperatures and add in a few ice storms. So in the end this year has not been conducive to riding. None of last years out on the trails all winter.

Sheesh this is starting to sound repetitive.  Are the seven voices in my head all talking?

None Of This Winter


In the end to date only 3 rides on the Monstercross. Three real rides that is so it has been hard to decide what may need to be changed. Hard to decide things when it seems like the commute to work is about it. Or it’s the coffee shop to coffee shop ride to avoid freezing. So for now the winter has brought further developments in that area to a screeching halt.

Rare 2014 winter ride


So one can swing Kettblalls, maybe ride the Turbo Trainer while staring at walls. But really it doesn’t do a lot to keep the lack of riding time at bay. And doesn’t help the feeling of weight gain because you aren’t riding.

Sure there is a bit of a distraction when the warranty frame arrives to make that 2 Inbred 29er frames. And gives one something to do to sort of pass the time away. How many different places….Ebay, Pinkbike, MTBr, and even CRC. To figure out what parts I could put on it. So much free time with the winter weather.

Warranty Warranty…..Yay

Does one go with Chromag as much as possible. Or should it be more Hope in it’s selection then normal. Less rush I admit to build the 29er as have 2 complete bikes up and running. And while it is a bit of a distraction from the lack of winter riding.  Installing a bottom bracket can only do so much. Especially when one tries to drag it all out the installation of parts on a frame….to help kill time. But there is only so much you can do.

Did I remember the Teflon Tape?

Yes…I think I have been to the end of the Pinkbike Buy and Sell. No I don’t want to visit there again. Oh..look it is minus 24 again……  what to do next? Why does one have to live so far from  Joyride 150 ?

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