The Mountain Bike Life

I mentioned before in a previous post The Rules. While they are somewhat in jest some are pretty bang on and was recently reminded of this. Specifically Rule 43- Don’t Be A Jack Ass.

While it is easy to shrug it off and move on, this still has been grinding my gears. And what is that you ask? The basic lack of manners and general behaviour with some mountain bikers…..specifically those who are ego fueled. A situation made worse now-a-days with Strava and how it has become for some a way to make up for something they are lacking.

Yes, Strava is a useful tool when used properly and improves one’s fitness. You feel better about yourself, and your spouse thinks you are so hot. Great, but it does not give you the right to be a Jack Ass on the trails.


And I can see the guy in the back waving his arm in the air wanting to know what makes one a Trail Jack Ass in this case. Well… there are many signs, but the one’s that stand out are hammering trails during weekends when they are busy, attitude when those climbing don’t give way to your descent on 2 way trails, and my personal favourite…forcing women off the trail. When you think about it, you become no better than the driver who took out a cyclist because they were inconvenienced.

 Don’t get me wrong, I have a DRC X-Monitor on my bike that does the same thing as a GPS and Strava. And I like to keep track of times on certain routes for tracking my base fitness. But here is the difference, manners towards others, and lack of ego. I only use my DRC on little used trails, or at really odd hours…early morning, or at night with lights. While I do admit doing it this way is for selfish reasons like, it is fun to look at the times of my personal TT course. As well as no stop and starts, as much worry of a head on, or issues with others. But the most important thing in doing this is, that it makes my chances of being perceived as a Trail Jack Ass greatly lessened. 
And what if you can’t handle doing your Strava behaviour in a way that does not make you a Jack Ass? Then best to sell both your account and GPS unit off. Because going down that path, will end up with you coming across the local member of Trail Kill Velo. Who won’t take kindly to you being a Jack Ass on the trails, especially during busy hours. 
 The best way to avoid being remembered as the mountain bike riding Jack Ass overall: Treat others on the trail the way you want to be treated yourself.
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