The Mountain Bike Life
As I mentioned before I am a bit of a Dirt Bag….well maybe a full bore one is a better description.
Before the weekend ran into a small problem with my Time pedals. That problem was a missing pin to hold the spring that the cleat clips into in place found on Thursday. And with a road trip to the  Waterloo Hydrocut trails and wanting to be able to use the pedals if I wanted. There was no time to find and order the pin so it was time for a creative Dirt Bag Tech solution. 

I Dug through the bin of Allen bolts to find something that might fit and had some length. Found a 4mm bolt with the right length to get it done. Though there was now the problem that the bolt might rattle loose. And after checking various bins to find zilch off to the hardware store.

After finding the correct nut it was back to work. After threading the bolt through so it would act as a replacement. And a quick test with a bike shoe with a cleat just to ensure it was all done correctly. It was done right.

After a sip of beer pulled out the Blue Thread Locker as wouldn’t want to lose the bolt somewhere on the trails. And then have the pedal not usable. That would suck for the ride out and wreck a rare visit to the Hydrocut.

Once the thread locker was dripped on I finished the install by threading on the bolt. And waited for it all to dry so it wouldn’t come off.

6 hours of trail abuse later…..Good.
While it is a bit McGyver it did work and used the pedal all weekend. Thanks to a bit of Dirt Bag Tech   didn’t have to worry about a no working pedal part way through Saturdays ride.
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