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In the last few weeks there was on the forum discussion of the current IMBA Canada finincial crisis. Now I won’t discuss the IMBA Canada financial as that is a complicated issue.
What got my attention was the small mindedness of some trail advocates who where posting. When I say small mindedness, I mean what the military terms:  Target Lock. Target Lock in this term is being way too focused on something to the sole exclusion of everything else. Which makes one miss the other things going on in the corner of the eye.

                                                    Singletrack is Off Road Riding

So you will be asking what got my attention was the a trail advocate pretty much saying screw any trail unless it is singletrack. This was in response to Rail Trail and mountain biking. What is it about mountain biking advocates who become as narrow minded as the groups that try to limit off road riding? And causes them to not see the important part of this?

                                             And this is Off Road riding as well

The important part is we need trails off all kinds…yes even rail trail. Because if you remove your pride and ego out of the way of looking at this you understand that we need all trails. Think about this… advocates talk lots about the future and singletrack. But if we want to talk about the future, you need to also think of how newcomers to off road biking are introduced. And where do most parents take their kids for their first few off road rides? Rail Trails.

                                                Daughters First Off Road Ride

Or how about when you take your Wife, Fiance, or Girlfriend for her first time off road?  You take them to places that will make it enjoyable and try not to scare them away. Hell… if you watch the early 80’s of mountain biking, a lot of the riding wasn’t on singletrack. It was on track more like either double track or dirt type logging roads.  Which are pretty much like rail trail when you think of those old logging roads. And as I have seen over the years, often you will see singletrack trails show up branching off rail trails.

This attitude I describe is one of the biggest reasons I don’t deal with advocates anymore. Often there is too much ego and pride in the way. It is what prevents us from working more together. And more importantly damages our future in the sport.

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