The Mountain Bike Life

Like our pagan ancestors, us alpine-loving mountain bikers also celebrate the summer solstice.
We rejoice when the sun brings life to the green surrounding our trails and long, light filled days offer opportunity for epic saddle time without night lights. We save our greatest reverence for the sun’s ability to beat back the snow that hides our path to higher enlightenment. Funny then, how the occasion pops up that we seek snow in summer.

Photo by CraigH

The cold beers in our hands and our feet in the Fraser River did nothing to squelch the 40C+ heat of an early summer day in Lillooet, British Columbia. Our bikes lay limp at our campsite, too hot to ride. The only way to escape this dry, hot gorge was to go up in to the mountains.

We found our salvation at Molybdenite Lake, a beautiful, glacier-fed alpine lake of a brilliant turquoise colour. At 2,100 metres, the high snow pack of the year was still in full evidence and we couldn’t have been happier. Like a horse that rolls on its back in the grass after taking the saddle off, we played in the snow and let the alpine breeze blow away thoughts of the heat down below.

When’s the last time you saw a mountain biker happy about snow in summer?

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