The Mountain Bike Life

Huffing and puffing, sweaty and spent, my legs spin the cranks the last few revolutions as I crest the peak of the mountain. While my body may be weary from the pedal up the trail, my eyes are excited as they take in the world that lays around me. My heart beating in my chest as I lean the bike on the nearest tree and then stand in awe of the land below me. This is worth all of the work, worth my legs screaming at me to just walk the whole way up, this right here is an amazing feeling of accomplishment.

Top of Maple Mountain in Duncan

I love getting to the top of a mountain and looking out over the land that surrounds me, to have that amazing sense of accomplishment like I did something great. It may be a mountain I have been on many times before, or one that I ascended for the first time, either way I feel the same. I love to sit at the top and take it all in, the eagles playing in the updrafts while the wind blows cool air on my skin and the world moving below me.

One of my favourite spots to sit and take in my surroundings, the top of Partridge Hills

I love the rush of endorphins as I clear a new section of trail, or the adrenaline of a fast flowy loamer*, but there is something about reaching the top and enjoying the view that is above all else on a bike. It’s a zen like feeling; I am at one with the world around and am ready to get point my trusty steed back down the hill.

These are some of my favourite views from the top. Share yours in the comments below!

Another shot from Partridge

A panorama from the top of Harbourview in Sooke. Click the image to see full size.

Above the fog at Tzouhalem

Mt. Baker in the distance at the top of the Cobble Hill Trails

Another shot of the view from the top of Harbourview, a grunt up…but well worth it

*Loamer: A trail that is covered in perfect dirt and organic forest materials.

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