The Mountain Bike Life

If your region has finally seen some sun after all this rain, chances are your trails have started to look very green. This week my local mountain bike club (Northern Bush Rastas) got together to do some trail maintenance on the green scourge.

If you aren’t already part of your local mountain bike club, join! The club had their own sets of hand tools and volunteers brought lawn mowers, and weed wackers.

I’ve ripped a few shirts on branches hanging into the trails, so I had my personal vendetta against the intruding branches. An hour or two between a group of volunteers if able to cover a good section of trail that would otherwise be left neglected. If you show up to the trails on a weekly basis, you should do what you can to give back to the community and ensure those trails remain safe and fun for everyone to enjoy.

So join a club and get out there and ride with scissors.

California Enduro Series Race #2 - VP EnduroFest

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