The Mountain Bike Life

It’s 6 AM and I can’t seem to get out of bed to turn off the alarm. The obnoxious, looping noise keeps penetrating the darkness of my room while I slowly gain the motivation to get up and start the day. Today is different though. I am not getting up early to go to school or work, but to go riding. As I wake up I slowly get more and more excited to hit the trails.

It is cold, but that doesn’t stop me. I will quickly warm up once I start making my way up the hill. My all black Enduro 29 pierces through the morning fog that characterizes summer in Northern California. My tires roll through the layer of dampness on the drought ridden trails. I am the first person out.

Morning single track over grey skies

Morning single track over grey skies | Photo: Ryan Simonovich

As I infiltrate deeper into the redwoods, the forest is just waking up. the quietness is almost uncanny. Maybe there will be a deer or bunny arising from its slumber. The only noise is the chirping of birds, my tires gripping the ground, and the occasional clicking of my free hub.

Fog in the valley

Fog in the valley | Photo: Ryan Simonovich

There is something special about a morning ride. You feel more awake, and full of life. That hot shower feels that much better. Breakfast tastes better. The urge inside to ride your bike is deeply satisfied. The day will certainly be better. There is no better way to start the day.

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