The Mountain Bike Life

Well I apologize for the neglect and not being able to contribute lately. August has arrived and sadly for me, August has always meant the end of the summer is near. That disheartening feeling that the plans and adventures for summer weekends may go unrealized if I don’t get it together in the next few weeks. I’ve been crazy busy traveling for work, building and riding bikes in my free time.

Hopefully you’ve all been able to get out there and go on a bike adventure, maybe buy that bike you’ve been eyeing up all summer, ride in some races or take a camping trip with your bikes.

I’ve been out riding plenty with my dog, as well as my lady friend who picked up a new Giant Tempt 27.5″ and she has been loving the new wheel size and bike. It’s been awesome having someone new to ride with and see her riding progress as the summer fly’s by. I’ve also been working on fixing up some old 10 speeds and we’ve been riding those around town.

Here’s some photos to get you stoked on it being friday and hopefully your weekend plans include some pedaling.

Click on a photo below to see them bigger!

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