The Mountain Bike Life

If you’re a believer of ‘what goes around, comes around’, you probably make regular deposits to the Karma Bank. Doing trail maintenance with local bike clubs. Volunteering at mountain bike races. Giving away a tube to help a fellow rider. We do good because we believe good will be repaid to us one day. But there are those days when we question our growing balance against the little interest we’ve received so far.

Over the past few years, we’ve traveled further to help clear more remote trails. This usually involves driving over rough gravel roads; in this case, the 74 km Hurley FSR that leads to the fabled riding land of the South Chilcotins.


Karma cashes in

Karma cashes in

We’ve ‘survived’ the Hurley dozens of times without any problems…up until last summer. We flatted not once, but twice! Both times at the end of a multi-day trail cleanup weekend. Apparently the Karma Bank fine print doesn’t cover generous donations of time and labour nor the cost of heavy duty tires (ouch).

Just like the big banks, sometime Karma is a bitch to deal with. Have you had the same experience?

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