The Mountain Bike Life

One of the newest additions to the Ontario Cup (and Canada Cup) race series is the course at Naughton, just to the West of Sudbury. This course is home to the Walden Mountain Bike Club, and of the Wolfpak Racing team. The trails are volunteer operated and built, which makes for a really nice atmosphere in the forest.


Photos by Scott Philips

Sudbury is characteristically pine forests and lots of rock, with massive outcrops and gorgeous views. The trails have a great mix of technical and fast riding. There are portions of trail that zoom and twist through the forest, hardly touching the bedrock, while other trails stick exclusively to the jagged bedrock outcrops. Thrillingly fast descents and challenging, yet grippy climbs characterize the trails here, as well as an abundance of blueberries and beautiful views. Though the trails here are challenging, there are lines for all riders and it is certainly worth the trip north to Sudbury, whether for a race, or a weekend adventure in the Naughton trails and surrounding area. Be cautioned though, the rocks can be quite jagged, so bring a tube and watch your line on some of the stuff at the top outlooks!

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