Mountain Biking Beginner Tips, History and Competitive Events

Welcome to Our Magazine

Welcome to MTB magazine, a place when you would be intimated with the trends of mountain biking as well as key biking information for beginners. In this magazine, the mountain biking 101 tips are also highlighted.

Mountain Biking 101 – Tips for Beginners

As a beginner, you are welcome to read these mountain biking 101 basic tips on our e magazine if you want to be part of the mountain bike world.

Just like with other sports, the first thing to do is to know some basic trail etiquette before embarking on a mountain biking 101 adventure. Our magazine highlights some of the rules to follow are

  • Be polite and friendly: Greet fellow riders and hikers.
  • Do not leave a trace: Do not leave garbage, leave only tire marks. Do not carve on trees; only take photographs.
  • Respect: This applies to trail closures and other trail signs
  • Wildlife: Do not forget that you are out in the open. Therefore, be prepared for cases where you are faced with wildlife. Try to respect their space.

There are many mountain biking 101 tips for beginners. However, the above-mentioned mountain biking 101 tips are the primary tips to be considered by every beginner even if you are racing for exercise alone.

Another mountain biking 101 tips have to do with your body position, which includes a neutral position, a ready position, the seat position for climbing and descending.

Perfect for Adventure

A perfect way to embark on an activity that’s filled with many adventures is to take part in a mountain biking tour. Mountain biking is perfect for adventure because you get to have first-hand experience in the beauty of nature as well as the diversity of wildlife. You get to learn a lot about the different mountainous terrains. Just like every other adventure. Mountain biking leaves memories that will always put a smile on your face.

History of MTB

On this online magazine delve in the history of mountain biking. Mountain biking is believed to have its origin in the 1970s California where different enthusiast usually meets to race up and down mountain tracks and hills. Over the years, the sport has gradually evolved into different types. These types include the following.

  • Freeride: This type is believed to have originated when a group known as the Laguna Rads met to make their trails and race on hills without well-defined routes and tracks.
  • Bike Trails: This is a more versatile format compared to downhill. In this format, bikes ride to the top of the mountain using well-defined trails and then they carefully descend the hill.
  • Cross-country: This is a major mountain biking discipline. In this type of racing, riders fights gravity and also benefit from it. They race on different types of terrains including tarmac, rocks, single track, and forest roads.
  • Downhill: In this type of racing, riders race down a hill that is filled with rough riding conditions and an intense drop-offs. Bikers go down the mountain in a crazy and really fast manner.
  • Marathon: This is a rather new mountain biking format. It involves racing on different trails for an extended period of time.
  • Enduro: This term is used interchangeably with all-mountain. The Enduro championship is usually an eight-event annual championship. The current champions for men and women categories are Sam Hill and Cecile Ravanel respectively.
  • Eliminator: This is also a new format, and, in this format, races are eliminated after a particular period of time.
  • Dirt Jumping: This has a similar origin with freeriding in that the principles of stunts, airtime, and jumps as well as a down to earth and more accessible scene.
  • Super D: This type of racing blends the downhill and the cross-country together. It is also a new mountain biking racing format.

Even though there are many types and formats of mountain biking, most riders prefer specializing in a single format.

Competitive Events

This online magazine presents the best mountain biking events

  1. True Grit Epic: This delivers a technical terrain with challenging climbing. The course used here passes through flowing singletrack, sand washes, and steep climbs.
  2. Keyesville Classic: This is among the longest-running bike race in California. It features flowing singletrack and a mix of different fire roads.
  3. Pisgah Mountain Bike Stage Race: This event uses a course that runs a total of 140 miles and more than three-quarters of a single track.
  4. Ramsey’s Revenge MTB Race: This is a cross-country event, and it uses a course that runs from 7.5 miles (for newbies) to a 22.5 miles (for experts)

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