Are you content?

Think about the last time you were out on the trail head, and looked over at a more equipped bike. What thoughts went thru your head? What lust or jealousy came over you? Better yet, how long did it take you to look up that accessory when you got home? These are just a few of the questions and positions I’ve been finding myself in for years. It’s something that is going to plague you for years to come if you aren’t content. Lately after the birth of my first child, I’ve been focusing more on being content and being thankful for my blessings. Although I’ve shifted my focus a bit, allow me to take you through the hottest items on my list.

Dropper Seat Post: I’ve been a fan and a skeptic at the same time. The first time I saw on online, I thought ‘bologna’. I’d need to see it first hand at my local trails(Paris Mtn) to understand the value. The seat post range being completely controlled from another lever was amazing. Positioned nicely next to the gentleman’s Shimano X5 shifters, was the smallest flip lever. It was amazing to watch this guy hit the downhill without even getting off the bike to adjust the seat. That settled it for me. Combine that with the competition pricing that’s happening, and I’ll have one soon enough.

Wheel Set: I was riding with my cousin at a State Park in Georgia and saw a unique steed. The rider and a custom frame, lefty fork, and wheels I had never been privileged to see. After further inquiry, I found that they were Crank Bros Cobalt 3. It was like a light bulb had gone off in my head. I finally realized it was like my 14 last modified cars, I could change my wheels out. Although I would seek something performance driven(unsprung weight), it would add a killer look to the bike.

Rear Shock: Once again I’m noticing the faster riders at the downhill races using Fox components. I’m not the one to review products, as I never want to seem bias. However, when you notice the faster guys have something in common, it’s usually something that works. I’ve been researching my ancient ‘coilover’ design and it seems that air shocks alone would be suitable for the mild drops that I see. I would also upgrade to a remote lockout system(I like remotes if you can’t tell.) I might seem a bit envious on the trails at other riders seem to be equipped a little more.

With the three items above that will become my next upgrade, I’m forced into maintaining other items first. I’ve got friends involved in the sport who will keep me accountable to being content, and also support me with confidence in the riding abilities area. I don’t think its wrong not to be excited about new products, but if we let it…we will always be behind the latest innovation. See what being content is all about when it comes to upgrading. Needs vs Wants is starting to really work for me I believe. Did you see that new inverted front fork design?!?! Oh wait, bring it back down Hunter.

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