Backcountry Research RACE

What is this? A new widget to hold a tube and flat tire kit under one’s saddle.

A improvement on the old toe strap, pump strap, or whatever bodge as the Brits call it to hold the tube in place. No longer fighting to open the seat bag and then watch everything fall all over the ground just to pick it all up and an hour later discover something small and vital to keeping you riding is missing.

Please note, I paid for his out of my own pocket. My love of Guinness was sacrificed to acquire the Race. About the cost of four cans.

While the Race is originally designed for racing I picked mine up in the beginning of Spring 2012. I picked it up specifically for the then recently built Cyclocross bike. I admit that I like others suffer from bouts of pre-ride amnesia and forget things. And I wanted to simplify and make sure the basics where there for rides and commuting.

Having had four flats last year I can say the Race is incredibly easy to use. Pull the two Velcro straps and get to work swapping out the punctured tube. And being able to easily grab the levers, tube, and CO2 made for a less aggravating exercise of tube changes.

Backcountry Research even have a video to show you how to put it all together. Just to make it even easier.

For 2013 they have updated to the Race II version. While I have the 2012 version I will be getting 2 more.. one for the Mistress and for the 29er project.
Backcountry Research Race II

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