Mucky Nutz Bender Fender – Long Term Review

I picked this little guy up last year when I took my bike to the shop and my “awesome” home made inner tube fender mysteriously disappeared between the time I dropped it off and when I picked it up. Being the cheap guy that I am I thought about just making another inner tube fender but I am also lazy and love to try new gear … so I did some research and really liked what I saw in the Mucky Nutz Bender Fender and ordered one off their site.


I found this fender works great on the muddy/rainy trails of Vancouver Island. Just like the inner tube fender, this will not block the mud/water/poop/debris from flying straight up so you will need some kind of down tube fender for that, but it does stop the nastiness that flies up between the fork arches and crown, and it helps keep your seals and arch somewhat clean in the process.

Installing this fender was a snap, there are 5 little velcro straps, three for the fork arch and two to wrap around the legs. The little straps are almost two short for the beefy fork arch on my trusty old Marzocchi 55, but I don’t know of any arches that are bigger, so you should have no issues. This makes it easy to take it off when the trails dry out so you can save that 16grams … you know, if you are into that sort of thing.Once in a very rare while a leaf or some other trail debris will get stuck in between the tire and the arch, but it either gets spat out pretty quick or is super easy to remove.

I ordered the plain black one – was so tempted to get red, but in the end I decided to keep it low key. They have just about every colour of the rainbow available so you can match it to the colour scheme of your bike. To check out all the options click here. You can also get a thicker version (2.1), but I see no need for this personally as I have not had any issues with the Bender Fender 2.0.If you are looking for a light, easy to mount, keep the crap outa the face thingy … well then this is a great option. It looks better than the inner tube style, and it cost me less than $17.00 shipped to my door. Go get one and stop getting all that mud up in your face.

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