What is the Sea Otter classic?

In a little less than a month all the mountain bike companies, and magazines are all going to be flocking to one event.

This event, The Sea Otter Classic, is the biggest cycling festival in the world.. It is held in Monterey, California at the world renowned Mazda Raceway. Every year, it draws close to ten thousand racers, and nearly five times that number in fans. The Sea Otter classic is both a racing event, and a bike expo.

Photo Credit: Flickr user Richard Masoner

Practically every bike company will be there trying to make an impression. It’s not just bike companies, from nutrition, to electronics, to magazines, to outdoor lifestyle companies will all be there in full force.

On the race side of things, it’s remarkable how many different races are going on all at once. The official races include Cross Country, Short Track, Super D, Downhill, Dual Slalom, Road Stage Race, Circuit Race, Criterium, and Road Race. While that’s going on there are other events like pump track races, dirt jump contest, trial bike demos and more.

Often times the Sea Otter Classic is where professional teams debut their new riding kits, gear, bikes and even team riders. Many new companies have used the event as a launchpad for their new product.

For an industry insider it’s a great place to make connections with prospective sponsors and future clients. For a spectator, it’s a great place to learn about all the new products on the market.

If you’re in the Monterey area during April 18-20th I’d highly recommend making the journey. It’s quite the experience.

Photo Credit: Flickr user HectorSandoval

If you can attend, my personal recommendation for events is the Dual Slalom Race on Saturday night. There’s nothing quite like watching some of the most skilled bike handlers race head to head in an all out sprint.

See you at Sea Otter? I will be there.

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