Whistler: More than Meets the Eye

We are still deciding who the new contributors will be, so I decided to do a short post with a video about my last Whistler trip.

Everyone knows what to expect when you go to Whistler right? Did you know that the Whistler valley also has world class singletrack that is super easy to access right from the town centre?

Last time I was up with friends we took a few days and explored the trails off the park and damn they were some of the best trails I have ridden, and when we were done we just rode over to lost lake and let the cool waters sooth our sore muscles, what a great way to end a ride.

The best resource we could find for the valley trails was the awesome Whistler Mountain Biking Book. If you are looking for free options I did find some other resources, Tourism Whistler put together a great site for local trails, and last but certainly not least whistlermountainbike.com has a great trail wiki.

I know it’s hard to justify your time at Whistler not ripping down the awesome park trails, but if you want to ride some of the most fun, well built trails around you should take the time to check out the goods around the Whistler valley, you will not regret it.

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