Something Old, Something New

Sometimes the planets line up and benefit you. And in the last 2 weeks it finally did. Like it does in a Mishun H Sugworth cartoon.

And this caused this box to appear on my door step. With something special inside…special not in the WADA nightmares secret enhancement kind. Maybe it’s my mail order Caribbean Queen? But the box looks a little to narrow for that to be the contents. I sure didn’t order anything in Aluminum flavour.

But it is much better. As the contents are a 2005 Chromag Samurai frame as a weapons grade upgrade for 2013. And a much long awaited one at that. For it was a long wait before being able to get my hands on one of these Mike Truelove hand built frames. And life 6 years ago required a compromise that led to this point. Because sometimes one can’t have what they want that day. Sheesh sounds like some old song.

See, 6 years ago I first saw a Chromag at Dizzy Cycles on W 4th in Vancouver while in Vancouver for Christmas in 2006. It was exactly what I was looking for as I wasn’t fond of the Kona Stuff I was riding. But as I said you can’t always get what you want. With the realities of a wedding and the coming July birth of my daughter. Well, while a $1400 to a frame wasn’t in the cards and a compromise of the Stylus was the choice. Yet while making that choice it was going to be a future option when things worked out to get one used.

And this year gave me access to a used Samurai frame. The frame named after the defunct and legendary Samurai of Singletrack in Whistler. So after some Rum and beer the parts where switched from the Stylus to the Samurai. All so there would be more time to dial it in as there was a race in a week. And one has to have the best tool for the job not some weak arsed rubber knife at a sword fight.

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