X-Fusion Trace RL2 – Product Preview

I have been riding suspension forks since…well, let’s just say a long time. I think my first set of forks had 1.5″ of travel, that’s how long. Suffice to say technology has come a long way since then, forks are getting lighter and stiffer with longer travel, but for the most part all of this […]

Beginner Basics: Roots, Rocks, and Rain

One of my favourite obstacles to ride are roots and root-steps, followed closely by rock gardens and big flat sheets (I’ve spent way too much time riding a rigid bike to enjoy “babyheads“). Though I shouldn’t admit to it, one of my favourite things to hear on rides is the “Aaahh, #@*&!&$%# these roots!” coming […]

Hungry for Healthy Bike Snacks?

When you work at a bike shop and part of your daily routine is re-stocking numerous fitness foods, it’s tough to resist eating the stuff inside all the bright packaging.  I’ve never been one to use anything more elaborate than trail mix, granola bars, or peanut butter and jelly, but through trying some of the […]

Why aren’t there more trails in Hawaii?

Last week I had the privilege to embark on a family vacation to Hawaii! Unfortunately Hawaii does not offer much mountain biking, but it does offer tons of surfing. Since I am from Santa Cruz, California I feel like I have a unique perspective on these two cultures. I have surfed in Santa Cruz for […]

First Time Downhill in Jackson Hole

Two weeks ago I wrote about my trip to Jackson Hole, but I did not get to get out riding right away because of work, but with all my work obligations out of the way it’s now time to ride! So now I got my afternoon to rent a bike and hit the downhill runs […]

Dirt Bag Hone

Modifying or adapting parts or gear is something I admit I have no reluctance to doing now days.  Sometimes it is a cost saving measure or in the case of this Hone rear derailleur…if a mod isn’t found it becomes scrap. I must give a nod to Dr Jon Meredith aka The Seriel Driller who’s blog […]

Review: In Search of the Perfect Jersey

I’ve been looking for the perfect cycling jersey for a couple of years. After a lot of trial and error, I think I’ve found it. Before I tell you what it is, I need to explain the journey I took to discover the perfect jersey.. In Australia it’s hot and humid in summer, sometimes it’s […]

The new and revamped Mount Snow

Last weekend I was invited up to Mount snow to help coach the riders from Danny’s Cycle Racing. It’s been over a year since I’ve had a chance to ride Mount Snow, and that was for an Eastern States Cup race last year meaning I didn’t ride anything but the race trail. Between injuries and […]