On One Smorgasbord Initial Impression

Last month Team NFI had a package arrive at the Imperium home base from On-One UK.

I needed to get another tire so I could save the 2.2 Mountain King for the more muddy times of year. But as is always the goal of Team NFI cutting costs is the big deal. And total including shipping was under $34 CDN. A big challenge when it comes to tires and mud here in Ontario is the reality that it is primarily clay. Claggy clay that when it is wet and muddy really doesn’t fall away like BC type mud. It sticks and builds up like ice on a windshield wiper.

And the reality is when it comes to claggy clay based mud there is very little one can find tire wise that will work. Pretty much it is more a matter of finding something that is simply usable and then it is technique and experience for the rest. And I admit I am a bit of a Brit gear whore especially when it comes to wet and mud.

For the Mistress the tire comes in 26″ 2.25 size and is of the folding bead variety and in a 62a compound for your pleasure.  Initially when I looked at it at I kind of thought it was a little small. But after mounting on the front wheel and inflating it to riding pressure I was happy to see I was wrong.

Unfortunately this year has seen a wet May and June so very little time on it under dry dusty conditions. But so far have been impressed with it on the front in the mud and soft trails to date. Hooks up nicely in the corners and sheds mud well.

We shall see how the Smorgasbord holds up after a couple more months of use. And after taking care of this craving for all you can eat Sushi.

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