100KM For My Wife

I am riding 100km’s because I love my wife and without my knowing I nearly lost her to something insidious.

I am doing this because it is politically incorrect to talk about it. Yet if it was cancer it would be politically correct.

I am riding 100km’s because while I have mild Autism it compares nothing to what my wife has dealt with for 2 years.

I am riding because I nearly lost the woman I loved to Depression.

Paul’s Dirty Enduro is being run on Sept 21st in Ganaraska Forest near Peterborough Ontario, to raise money for the Canadian Mental Health association. And I am riding the 100km for my wife.

In the past because of having ADD/Mild Autism I have had some experience dealing with our mental health system. It feels even worse now because of how destructive mental illness like depression is to a family. And it has been hard because it is so politically incorrect to talk about it.

If my wife had Cancer I could talk about it with others freely. It would be okay and there would be many options for support. But alas there is not. I am fortunate that I have a wonderful number of In-Laws for support. But for many, they have less or nothing.

Paul’s Dirty Enduro is a yearly fundraiser put on to raise funds for the Canadian Mental Health Association. This group helps those with mental health. People like my beautiful wife. They need all the support they can get.

I had only planned on doing the 30k but thanks to a generous offer from my buddy Barry, we are going to ride the 100k together. Barry is a O-Cup racer who is way faster and fitter then me and asked me to do the 100k with him. This is an Incredibly generous of him to offer and put aside his race to ride the 100k with me.

After much thought in the last few days like any other major thing. Especially when one considers I don’t ride 100k off road at all, I will be riding 100km for my beloved wife. And thanks to a buddy, I won’t do it alone.

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