Month: September 2013

Paul’s Dirty Enduro

There is no other way to say it that is not to the point and sums it all best the result on September 20th…… After 40k of riding….I failed to finish the task before me. The Friday night the first of a serious of storms came through and was still going at 6 am Saturday […]

The Carbon Conundrum

To C, or not to C? When I bought my newest bike, I was living and riding in British Columbia. I’d been looking at the various carbon offerings coming to the knobby world over the last few years, but I always assumed they were the sort of upgrades you’d get if you were a weight-weenie […]

My First Bike

It wasn’t a mountain bike, but it was 100% mine. I suppose that in the truest sense of the word, it wasn’t really my first bike. The first bike I remember riding – the one I learned to ride on – had a banana seat, something that sparkled, some pink and purple bits, and ape-hanger […]

Growing Our Sport with Trips For Kids

As mountain biking has seen growing popularity, riders everywhere are struggling to create diversity within the sport. Not only does one need a fair proximity to “mountainous” regions, but a bike, too. Yet, the personality type of a mountain biker generally wants to broaden the sport and welcome new riders. So how can we give […]

My First Cross Race

Last weekend I competed in my very first cyclocross race. For those of you that don’t know, cyclocross is basically a cross between mountain biking and road biking. The typical bike used is a heavy duty road bike made for off road use. There is also parts of the course where you must get off […]

Interbike 2013!

This is a live blogroll of coverage at Interbike 2013, the largest North American Bicycle Tradeshow. Our man on the street, Shawn McAfee from Texas Mountain Bike Trails, is covering some of the hottest new gear and bikes and giving us updates on what we will see coming our way soon! Starting today at the […]

Fixing the Creaky Crankset

Ever wonder why they changed the design of bottom brackets so much over the last 10 years? What was wrong with the good old square drive axle? As it turns out a lot was wrong with it. The new through axle cranksets and bottom brackets are very rigid and require very little maintenance. Best of […]

One Does Not Simply Ride 100k

Some think that riding 100k off road is a simple affair. Like getting in the car and driving for a couple of hours. If it was only that simple as these types of people think. But reality is that this does take a wee bit of thinking when it comes to bike set up. No […]

Getting Back to my Roots…and Rocks

Recently I have have rediscovered one of the main reasons I love mountain biking. It was after a ride at the Holyoke Range Trails in Amhearst, MA. but it wasn’t until I went back to ride a particular local trail network that I realized not only how much I missed the type of riding there […]