One Does Not Simply Ride 100k

Some think that riding 100k off road is a simple affair. Like getting in the car and driving for a couple of hours. If it was only that simple as these types of people think. But reality is that this does take a wee bit of thinking when it comes to bike set up. No I won’t bore with things like nutrition and what foods I might take to eat.

Pretty much running the Mistress stock with some minor little changes. Keep in mind that I am not a weight weenie. All my bikes are built for use…what they call Enduro these days. But really it is simply stuff that takes abuse and keeps working.

First one of note is the On One Smorgasbord is now on the rear. The front thanks to a club member is a Maxxis Minion 26x 2.35. Supposedly a DH tire according to the info on the sidewall. Meh..why worry about what some Bullshit Grinder thinks? Not looking for speed just to finish the 100k.

Pulled the bottom bracket and installed a Black Sheep Euro BB. This is the external version and fits the cranks I prefer. To date on Euro type BB’s specifically the internal type. I destroy them pretty quickly. The cranks are 3 piece BMX type cranks. No idea who actually makes them as acquired them second hand.

New Sun Race 8 speed cassette and Sram PC-830 8 speed chain. Nothing special just they work to date. Better though to start the 100k with a new drivetrain not the worn one installed last April. The 38T chain ring was swapped out for a Surly stainless steel 34T. Reason for going 34T is to make it harder for me to muscle up any hills. Have to try and conserve as much as possible till later in the day. Again this isn’t going to be a speed event. No front derrailleur. in it’s place is the MRP G2 guide with the lower pulley removed.image
The Gravity Dropper will be swapped out for a regular seatpost for the ride. As well have raised the bars slightly to make it less leaned over racer position. Taking a bit of weight of the arms which will decrease hand fatigue for me. And of course will run my Time Alium pedals.

Not a great deal exciting as it is no big shocking changes. But it is stuff that will help with making the 100k distance.

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