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There are a ton of talented people out there getting people stoked to adventure, ride bikes, share knowledge and have fun, I really enjoy finding a new blog and the best way to do that is to share. I love knowing what other sites people love going too, so I thought I would ask the the rest of the team what sites they read regularly and share it with the everyone else. So here is a list of what blogs and sites we go to when not working hard to bring you awesome content here.


Shawn over at TXMTB is a great guy and posts up some pretty great info. I love his approach to showing new riders the ropes and his passion for the sport is apparent. It’s not just for Texas anymore!

These guys post up videos and have a little fun on their site…yeah a lot of the videos are posted on other sites, but sometimes they post up some cool stuff that no one else is covering…check it out:

Go check out Spacecowgirl if you like awesome photos and great words. She does not post that much but when she does, it’s magic!

THE site for everything related to mountain bikes and women. A great bunch of writers with a huge passion for the sport….guy or girl this is a great site!

Another site from some kickass ladies who like to go fast. I love reading their updates and getting to know the girls a little bit more!

  • http://canadiandhgirls.wordpress.com/

Vik’s site is full of awesome trips, reviews and has really fueled my fire to do some bike powered camping trips.


I read The Bloggess for her humour and humanity and for saying the things most of us only think.

I read RedHead Writing because in between the curse words and frustration with stupidity (two things I can relate to) she has a lot of good information for people who do what matters to me – tell stories (for people or organization) in compelling ways.

  • http://erikanapoletano.com/blog/



Bike stuff:

While I don’t agree with 100% of what he says, he has a lot of good information about general body mechanics and how it relates to your bike.

Gene hamilton has a lot of good information on body position.

Non bike related stuff:

Awesome tech news site, and they have great videos, my favorite being Small Empires with Alexis Ohanian.

Abe is a super helpful GoPro employee,  and posts a lot of in depth how to’s about GoPro cameras.



I love the Angry Singlespeeder column on MTBR:

I haven’t read many of his blog posts but I have read a book by BikeSnobNYC:

I like both of these writers because of their writing style, sense of humor, and strong opinions. Oh yeah and they both like bikes, which is a plus.

Other than that I don’t regularly read many blogs. I usually read links found on forums and social media.



Bike stuff:

Liked his humor and the personal writing around his wife’s illness and eventual death:

Jill Outside

She is a friend, so I am biased but she has AMAZING adventures, takes good photos! and is an everyday person who has become a great endurance athlete too.

Other stuff:

Mostly DIY clothing blogs or blogs of people I “met” online through Flickr:

I like them probably because we have similar interests and I enjoy having a glimpse into their lives.



I don’t check many besides Pinkbike and dirtrag magazine, but http://prollyisnotprobably.com/ is a really nifty site with lots of cool bike-style content. Not super MTB related, but the photos are artsy and well-done. Other than that, reddit, reddit, and reddit.



Troy Szczurkowski rides a fat bike on sand, snow and anywhere else he can take it. Some of the videos of his rides around this part of the world are works of art:

If you ever want inspiration to ride a fat bike on the beach, check out his video. In fact, if you visit only one link I’ve shared, please watch his video:

Phil Norris is an adventurer. Sometimes he rides a mountain bike, somtimes he kayaks, sometimes he hikes. However he gets around, he visits some spectacular places in Australia and always gives me new ideas about where I can next point my front wheel:

Scott Morris and Chad Brown are a couple of bike-packing MTB’ers from Arizona who ride and photograph some of the most specactular country you can ever see. Reading about their epic rides inspires me to get out and explore whenever I can:

My inner geek loves “What If?” – answering your hypothetical questions with physics every Tuesday 🙂

This guy answers such crazy questions as:

If all digital data were stored on punch cards, how big would Google’s data warehouse be?

What would happen to the Earth if the Sun suddenly switched off?

Is it possible to build a jetpack using downward firing machine guns?

If every person on Earth aimed a laser pointer at the Moon at the same time, would it change color?

So there you have it, our favourite blogs…..are we missing something? Share your favourite blogs in the comments below.

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