Winter is Coming 2013

Winter is coming and I love it. While most popular mountain bike destinations are getting ready for winter, here in California we are looking forward to some rain. In Santa Cruz we have very mild winters. It can get cold, but “cold” is relative. All we have to worry about is rain.

The rain isn’t even a problem. It does more good for us mountain bikers than bad. After a rain the trails are usually fine to ride the next day. Luckily our soil absorbs water well and does not stay muddy for long. The only places that get muddy are low lying spots where puddles form.

Since it gets so dry during the summer I make sure to really enjoy the trails when the soil is damp. Instead of having to worry about losing traction your tires hook into the dirt perfectly. Say good bye to washing out and hello to smashing every corner. There are even a few sand based trails that are absolutely perfect when it is wet. It is nice to have more options since these sandy trails are very challenging when it is dry.

Winter is also trail building season. The soft soil is perfect for carving some single track out of the hill or shoveling a few jumps. The first rainy day of the season was last week so the trails have been perfect. I can’t wait for many more days to come!

Happy Thanksgiving to fellow U.S. readers!

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