Month: December 2013

Fair thee well 2013, was nice knowing ya…..

As I sit here mid holidays, belly straining under the volume of roasted delicacies and more than my share of merriment (if you catch my drift….) I find myself reflecting on the year behind us, inevitably thoughts turn to mountain biking and my plans for 2014. Of course 2014 will be the evolution of that […]

19 Goals for 2014

Every year I have goals in mind, but I keep them to myself, that way if I don’t reach them…I just keep it quiet and tag them onto next year’s list. Well, this year I decided to change things up and announce my goals to the awesome TMTBL community, this way you can hold me […]

Winter Riding? It’s Snow Problem!

As anyone that’s ridden in the cold season knows, the proper clothing can turn your ride from “death wish” to something worthy of at least two free beers. The key to surviving winter rides is actually pretty simple: layer your clothes! It’ll keep you warmer to begin with, you can take some off if you’re […]

Winter Sucks!

What does one do on a weekend when riding bikes has become unavailable due to weather? When the trails and roads are skating rinks. And one has shoveled, salted, scrapped, chiseled, salted, and shoveled pretty much all weekend. You take to the basement near a fireplace pulling the lacking bike down with you and strip […]

The Art of Cornering

Cornering, such a simple part of mountain biking right? But how is it that the cat 1 guys whip through those segments so fast? How is that Strava segment twisting between tree after tree even possible at those speeds? Like any good art form, cornering will take a lifetime to master and you continually learn […]

What’s in a name?

If you have been paying attention it seems like Specialized is up to it’s old tricks again. This time making a little shop in Cochrane Alberta change it’s name from Cafe Roubaix Bicycle Studio because the big S has the name Roubaix trademarked. Everyone is all up in arms over this and I agree…it’s stupid, […]

Sometimes the right riding is no riding at all

Its always tricky being a mountain biker, talking about mountain biking whilst not having actually done any mountain biking. But this time there is a good solid, 30 year reason for the pedaling drought. And hard as it is I have to admit this time actively not riding has been the best thing. Hard tail? […]

What’s in the Bag?

What we carry in our bags says a lot about us as riders, are you a minimalistic racer, a carry everything boy scout or a throw a few things into your bag you think you may need type of person? I thought it may be interesting to show our readers what the TMTBL contributors carry […]

High School Mountain Bike Season Starts!

If you have been following any major mountain bike sites in the past couple of years, you probably have heard of NICA. The National Interscholastic Cycling Association runs races for high school teams across the United States. I race for the Santa Cruz Mountains Cycling Team, which is a part of the Norcal League. We […]

Helping a Friend get into Mountain Biking

Mountain biking, sure its more addictive than crack and a little more pricey too (hmmm… there has to be a Rob Ford joke in there somewhere). Recently one of my friends, who rode a really long time ago (as in pre disc brakes) decided that he wanted to get back into biking and I wound […]