19 Goals for 2014

Every year I have goals in mind, but I keep them to myself, that way if I don’t reach them…I just keep it quiet and tag them onto next year’s list. Well, this year I decided to change things up and announce my goals to the awesome TMTBL community, this way you can hold me accountable and even help me reach my goals. So let’s get started…

  1. Get a passport!
  2. Finish and launch the new TMTBL site
  3. Double the unique visitors to the blog
  4. Ride with Shannon more
  5. Ride Campbell River trails
  6. Ride Squamish
  7. Ride the North Shore again
  8. Ride with friends more
  9. Get a new, better paying job
  10. Go bike camping
  11. Get new wheels for my Prime
  12. Get another bike so when something does break I can keep riding
  13. Lose 30 pounds and get fit
  14. Clean the switchback trail with no dabs (riding up)
  15. Ride the SSC
  16. Do at least one trail maintenance day
  17. Travel out of the country
  18. Take more photos and video while riding
  19. Be Awesome

There ya go. It’s a big list, but I think 2014 is going to be a big year, full of awesome people and growth. I can’t wait.

Share your goals in the comments below, maybe as a community we can help each other reach them! I can’t wait to read what we are all up to in the coming year.

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