Winter Sucks!

What does one do on a weekend when riding bikes has become unavailable due to weather? When the trails and roads are skating rinks. And one has shoveled, salted, scrapped, chiseled, salted, and shoveled pretty much all weekend.

You take to the basement near a fireplace pulling the lacking bike down with you and strip it. You clean the parts down before storing them for the next build. Making sure the parts you want to install on the next build are ready for that day. And clean the old one for sale because a true Velominatus Budgetus knows that selling off the old frame pays for the new one.

And when you are done that you wander the internet looking at video of biking. You watch anything because you have seen to much TV.

And you research things like BURD’s and Retroshifters for the new build. Because there is nothing else you can do other then shovel, salt, ad nausem. And there is nothing on TV.

Then finally with a half hour of day light you get a window for a spin on plowed roads. And even though it is plowed roads it is still better then no ride at all.

Less then a week before the bike is packed for 10 days in Florida. Can’t wait for the mental break.

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