Goodbye, For Now!

Well friends, it’s been fun. However, much as I like to say that mountain biking is my life, I must admit to the fact that it’s not an entirely true statement. As those of you that have clicked the “about the author” page for me will know, I’m currently going through my undergrad degree. Right now, I am in my second-to-last term of University and am, as you’ve no doubt guessed, ridiculously busy.So where does that leave us, readers? Well, at this point my plan is to take a brief hiatus from TMTBL writing, and attempt to get my life under control (and, you know, do all that boring stuff like pass courses and get a degree). Assuming everything works out as intended, you will be hearing from me sooner rather than later! I am also planning to put some time in behind-the-scenes for all of the fantastic people I’ve been working with over this last year – this blog is sort of like Hotel California, sometimes. Even when I have other things I definitely should be doing, I can’t help but to read through everyone’s adventures (somewhat vicariously, as it’s been grey and rainy for who-knows-how-long up here).I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed reading my posts as much as I have writing them. Ride hard, stay safe (but not too safe), all that jazz – and remember, WD-40 is NOT a substitute for oil!

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