2014 Projects and Upgrades

After the trip to Florida and the fiasco of getting back to Kingston. And of course all the million and one things that need to get done. It was time to put together the short list of projects and one build for 2014. And to keep things doable am keeping the non trail building project list down to four currently.So to begin will be what I mentioned previously with  Gravel Grinders and Change, it was time for change. The frame arrived and this week the build will commence. Currently will be built with wheels, brakes, and drive train I already have.

I can’t say much more as it is a whatever I have on hand, low cost build. Reason being till it can get ridden I can’t know what I will actually want. It is like any other build I have done. That being there is a evolution of it as I figure out what will work and what needs to be tossed. Till it has seen some KM’s I won’t say anything more. Also add in that this is half of another build project. But that has to wait till this current build is completed.

Project number one is to build up a new rear rack for the car for hauling bikes. I Have a old roof rack sitting in the work shop waiting for this to start. And now that I have a local source for metal better then Home Depot. It will get started.

Project number 2 is to turn this bike repair stand mount into a actual bike repair stand. It has been sitting on the floor of the work shop as a put off project due to simple laziness and neglect.

Project number three is a longer term project and much more involved. This in it’s first part the building of a case to carry 29er size wheels safely. Once completed then comes the frame case component. And unfortunately no pic’s to go with this one.

Sure it is a bit small the number of projects but it is easier to plan for 4 to increase the chances of getting it done. Two many projects and it will be easier for stuff to not get done when things get in the way.

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