Winter Sucks! – 2014

Normally I try to make the best of winter and ride as much as possible. This year I even had my new SS converted winter bike ready to go. So what has gone wrong? Life can really throw you some curve balls when you don’t expect it. My first ride of the year on my new winter setup took me for a little spill. Remember my entry on crashing? Well I need to add a section to that about approaching ice without your studded tires on. Yeah it didn’t go too well.

As I was cruising down the trail I noticed tracks ahead of me which looked like a tire slipping on ice. I thought to myself…..self that looks like ice and you don’t have the studs on………ahhhhhhhh and I fell. I did have time to react and let the bike slide safely out from under me. I then fell on my back and slid a few feet. With all the cold weather gear on I was actually padded pretty well and didn’t feel too bad. Grabbed my trusty bike, dusted myself off and kept riding for another hour. Dodged a bullet I guess. Or did I?

For those of you approaching 40 or are over 40 you know the day your hurt something isn’t the worst day. Oh no the fun starts about 2 days later. The next morning I got up and I was stiff, but nothing too bad. Popped some old man pills (ibuprofen) and went about my day. Morning after that was a different story. After rolling out of bed I could hardly bend over to tie my shoe. As the day wore on it got worse and worse. I injured my back in a way that really hurt. Fast forward almost 2 months and I think I am finally healed up enough to get back on the bike. If the weather will cooperate this weekend I am going to try and get out again. This time with studs.

The moral of this story……don’t get old.

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