Winter Riding – We do it different in Phoenix

For the last few months I have seen quite a few posts outlining how to make it through the winter. I have seen posts on how to ride in the snow, how to maintain fitness and how deal with the looming winter. Well, this post is no different, we are going to address the winter weather and how to deal with it. The only difference- this is how we make it through the winter in Phoenix Arizona.

I have to admit, I am trying to make all you folks that have weather a little jealous. I also have to admit I am doing it because I will spend my summer jealous of your sub-100 degree temps, so don’t take it too seriously.

Phoenix is located in the heart of Arizona. It is a desert landscape mainly made up of rocks, rock formations, boulders, granite, and more rocks. Here you can find a great spectrum of types of cycling. We have loads of road biking, cross country, all-mountain trail riding and a bit of downhill. Winter months tend to average highs of 65-70 degrees and is the perfect time to get out on the trails.

Yes, la dee freakin’ da, everyone knows the winter weather is awesome in Phoenix. What you may not know, we have some of the most interesting and technical riding in the nation. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to claim that Phoenix is the greatest riding in the nation, just simply saying that a visit to Phoenix will leave you pedaling through terrain your tires have never felt before (your tires may not appreciate this like you will).


Here is the deal, I can sit here and tell you that the weather is great, the trails are gnarly, and you will definitely love it, but seeing is believing so here is a quick video to give you an idea of what we are working with out here.

South Mountain’s National Trail- This is the king of Phoenix trails. There are a couple trails that rival it’s technicality, but overall this trail has it all. A little flow, a lot of rocks, rock gardens, boulder forests, drops, and there are even a couple of spots with dirt. National cuts a path through the center of South Mountain. Coast to coast will be about 15 miles each way. Most people ride about 5 out and 5 back. This is by far my favorite trail.

South Mountain’s Mormon Trail – My second favorite trail, this actually loops with National, which means, I get to ride my favorite trail and my second favorite trail at the same time! Still holding a highly technical status, this trail still allows plenty of speed on the downhill.

Hawes Trail- Located in Mesa, this trail will lead you towards Saguaro lake. It spider webs into several other trails, most of which I would consider intermediate riding, but the views are extraordinary. The majority of the time this trail feels a little like a giant pump track.

These are just a few of my favorites, but the list continues to grow. If you are interested in more information on riding in the desert or finding places to ride, please check out my local site or leave me a message below. Those who have ridden out here know the rocky madness that we call home and we always welcome new riders.

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