Monstercross Part 2

As mentioned in Part One of this journey I decided over the winter to build up a Monstercross bike instead of a Cyclocross. And the  base frame I was using was a 29er frame. And this would be a build that would evolve over time as mileage was put on. And one must acknowledge that with the end of winter and melting snow in the last week and a half the mileage has increased.  Though it will be a few more weeks till the Singletrack is ride-able.

The first major change was thanks to the Warranty frame I received earlier was a swap of the previous frame for the warranty one. Yes identical but decided the more used frame was to be the 29er frame in the future.

The next change was in cranks as I wanted something a little stiffer for the Monstercross realm. So mounted a set of DMR Crisis 175mm cranks I had in the bins. Which of course where installed on a ISIS BB. And after 3 rides have proven to be what I was looking for.

The next swap was the tires as the Exiwolfs where sluggish as hell once the snow melted. So after asking some friends got my hands on a set of Nano Raptors which are the tire of choice. Or the former tire of choice in this realm as more tires are now becoming available this year.

So far kept the chainrings which are 32/42 which are pay but am thinking may need to change for a larger size. Especially since things have gotten faster with the Nano Raptor tires. Time will tell.

The final bit not mounted yet as am on the road. Picked up a Kona Project 2 fork in 29er wheel size which will be swapping to once I get back to the workshop. Wanted a slightly lighter for then the one am currently using and have run a Project 2 on my previous cross bike and had no issues. Now to finally get to ride more as the gravel and other non single track routes are more usable.

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