One shot story: MacGyvering the mechanical

If you remember the MacGyver TV star from the late ‘80s, you know he could fix anything with what ever was at hand along with his knife and duct tape. My husband has a knack for MacGyverying and this has come in very handy for those unpredictable mechanicals on the trail.

Way back in the heyday of MTBR gatherings, we were in Jasper, Alberta on a group ride of the Valley of Five Lakes trail. At the far end of the loop, riding down a series of foot high, stair step type drops, my husband heard a “snap!” – the linkage plates on his Sunn Xchox had broken on both sides.

The cranks were now hitting the ground, the seat angle was too slack and the ride height too low. Whereas many would see the start of a long walk, he just:

  • found the right size piece of wood to jam between the seat tube and seat stay
  • counteracted the disconnected front derailleur cable (which got in the way of the wood) by jamming a calibrated wedge shaped rock into the front derailleur to keep it in middle ring
  • rode what is now a soft-tail (because the wood was on the soft side) very carefully back to the vehicle
  • machined his own new linkage plates because the bike company was no longer in business

Brings a whole new meaning to ‘got wood’!

This is another “One Shot Story” where just one photo recalls a story about a place ridden, trails conquered or unexpected adventures. Roll your eyes, laugh with me or share some wisdom if you’ve been in a similar situation.

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