2014 Paul’s Dirty Enduro Thought’s

In the last week the 2014 Paul’s Dirty Enduro has been on my mind a fair bit. Especially after last years Paul’s Mud Enduro.

This year has been more challenging then expected as there have been some significant events. And this has taken a toll on plans made for the year and such. As well as significantly taking away riding time and thoughts of any sort of a plan. And suddenly one realizes the event is 2 months away. And this leads to thinking about Paul’s and what to do.

It doesn’t help when you add in how last year didn’t go well at all. So in the end I am having way to many moments of second guessing and I guess you could say not feeling confident about this year being a success in the results department. And I do admit that my nervousness about it all. A fear of failing to finish again is getting in the way of thinking positively about a 100k. Also add in the fact that at least in my mind I let people down because I didn’t finish the distance on the day.

Contemplating Paul’s 2014

After thinking some more about Paul’s and how this year has gone I realize that I need to take a different approach to Paul’s 100k distance. So it is time to think about this from a coaches perspective, like I did in 2004-2005 in the lead up to doing the Peterborough Half Ironman Du.

Putting on my coaches hat I can see how doing a Spring race like say the Paris to Ancaster or Paris Roubaix- Almonte would be a good stepping stone in a plan in this regard. And of course adding in one or two Substance Projects events to help as well. But I will elaborate on the plan I am working on in regards to the 100k another day when I have more of the pieces in place.

For 2014 though while I will be raising money for the CMHA I won’t be doing the 100k this year. I am simply not mentally ready to face off against that distance. I will be doing the 60k distance. Maybe it is my ego but I need to get a positive result in first before working on the approach to the 100k. Sure it is a step back but I know in my heart that stepping back to the 60k will be more beneficial mentally in the long run when I start rethinking on the 100k in the future.

And I do admit this is a first in 9 years…. deciding to come up with a actual plan instead of showing up and using my toughness to grit it through.

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