How To Make Your Own Chain Lube

In the quest to keep costs down I have asked over the years what others used to keep their bike chains running smoothly. Heard of everything from Olive Oil to Chainsaw Bar oil. After years of trying various types of lube, I have been using this formulation for a number of years. And will share the formula for my dirtbag chain lube with the readers of The Mountain Bike Life.

1 Part Mineral Spirits
3 Parts Motor Oil
1 Large Plastic Measuring cup
1 Storage bottle for the large batch

Add the Mineral Spirits and Motor oil in the numbers listed above in the measuring cup. Pour into a storage container like a old Motor oil bottle…make sure to label for obvious reasons. Then add to old smaller bike chain lube bottles for easier use.

Keep in mind it doesn’t matter really the motor oil type. The oil in the pictures is from the old car and can’t use in the current vehicle. And the batch I mixed in the photos will last me for a few months. And works just as well as any oil sold by current manufacturers.

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