Is It A Scratch or A Crack

Earlier this year while cleaning up my Chromag Stylus frame which as we know had been stripped for the mistress build. It was put aside for a future rebuild as there is just something special about it. It can do DH, ride xc, hit the pump tracks and berms on the same day. So while cleaning it had that moment of foreboding as you spot something that has you start worrying.

What I had spotted that started the foreboding was a faint mark on the top tube that led to that infamous ….

And after taking a little bit of sandpaper to the spot discovered it was a crack. After almost 7 years my beloved Stylus frame was broken. There are so many memories that goes with it that I feel almost heartbroken. You can say all you want it is just a frame but this came into my life the year my daughter was born. It kept me sane through all the stress of hey being born and the big move. So it was put aside till I could get the time to figure out what to do next.

And the next step will be to get the top tube replaced to get her back up and running. And this is the moment why I will ride Glorious Steel….because you can repair it. If this had been an aluminium frame it would be down at the scrap yard with a future in lawn furniture. And because of the flowy fun track we built this year the winter resurrection project for the Stylus is being launched. And because I am a Chromag whore.

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