Guide to indoor training

When the summer riding season ends and days just as dark as they are cold, sometimes it is just not practical to ride your bike outside. The occasional venture into frightful weather can be fun, but motivation to ride for long periods of time vanishes and it sure is tough to get in quality training. Even here in sunny California there have been a few rainy days where I was trapped inside. Here are a few tips to get you up and running, or rather riding, indoors.

First you will obviously either need a stationary trainer or rollers. Rollers have a bit of a learning curve, while you would have to be a special kind of stupid to fall off of a stationary trainer! I recommend setting up in an open garage as you will get very sweaty. The next best thing is to have a fan blowing on you. Towels are also a must to wipe sweat off of your face and the ground.

To start off you could keep it simple by riding for an hour at a time. Time definitely moves slower when you are on the trainer. An hour can feel like forever! Luckily there are a few options to keep you entertained. There is always Netflix, YouTube videos, and TV. Just make sure to keep the volume high since trainers can be noisy. The next option are workout videos. There is a great series by Global Cycling Network on YouTube as well as Sufferfest. Sufferfest has actual race footage licensed by the UCI for you to watch while you train!

Now get out and suffer!

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