Author: AdrianLong

The Reluctant Wrench 11: Black Sheep Friday

“New York City? Really?” he asked, shifting himself forward in his chair, leaning in close to the two cups of coffee before them. “I’ve been there. It’s kind of like Disneyland with drugs and clothing stores that smell like pesticide. And the pizza isn’t all that, either. Not enough sauce.” “But,” she countered, “this is […]

Guide to indoor training

When the summer riding season ends and days just as dark as they are cold, sometimes it is just not practical to ride your bike outside. The occasional venture into frightful weather can be fun, but motivation to ride for long periods of time vanishes and it sure is tough to get in quality training. […]

Reluctant Wrench 10: HomeandPathetic Therapy

“October is a transformative month,” Dylan explained from his perch upon the riding lawnmower. “How’s that?” Denise asked. “Well, things hit a wall fast. Kids go back to school, parents have to drive them around to soccor and ballet classes, parents stop riding. The fair weather riders hang their bikes up for the winter. And […]

Travel: 7 Trails You Must Ride in Phoenix!

As I understand it, this is the end of the season for you riders that observe seasons. As I also understand it, some of you like to escape the snow from time to time. Actually, I am absolutely sure of this since our streets are packed with slow moving death machines camouflaged as town cars, […]

Sidi Dominators: Long Term Review

I admit it. I am a gear snob. I like everything I have to be a very particular way, perform exactly as I expect, and to be everything it is advertised to be. This is my standard. Anything but this standard will drive me insane. It will not be usable. Many of my rides have […]

The Aptos Post Office And It’s Legacy

Chances are if you pay any attention to mountain bike media, you have seen the Aptos Post Office Jumps. This jump park is seen everywhere in video parts, photos, and advertisements. The park has shaped what the Santa Cruz freeride scene is today. The jumps built in 2003 by a tight knit community of riders […]

Is It A Scratch or A Crack

Earlier this year while cleaning up my Chromag Stylus frame which as we know had been stripped for the mistress build. It was put aside for a future rebuild as there is just something special about it. It can do DH, ride xc, hit the pump tracks and berms on the same day. So while […]