Bleeding Time

I am hemorrhaging Summer. It is spilling onto the linoleum of time. I am dizzy. Woozy even. Last winter, Summer was an abstract concept. It slowly stretched before me and faded into the vast continuum of all Future. My plans for Summer were primordial. Ill formed without regard for timing or work or family or […]

The Reluctant Wrench 17: Trading Up

He thought, without a doubt, in the old days he would’ve driven right by the brown wooden sign half-hidden by weeds that marked the Dorman Woods State Park’s entrance. But for the help of the Galactic Phone, as he called it, he would’ve sped by, for although on the trails his mind falls into comedy […]

Joining the Quilomene Club

Driving through Vantage, Washington doesn’t inspire visions of biking adventures. Interstate 90 slams straight though this shrub infested wasteland, full of wind turbines and cow patties. The Columbia River offers only a momentary break from the monotony of brown, mostly treeless views. Petrified wood and the basalt columns of Frenchman Coulee make up the only […]

Overcoming Injuries with Hans “No Way” Rey

Since my neck has continued being a pain for the last few years, (compressed vertebrae), I’m riding less rough terrain and shying away from those fun tough rides that cause me trouble between my shoulder blades. More than loosening my grip and staying cool, I’ve had to enter physical rehab this past month to retrain […]

The Reluctant Wrench 15: All Aboard

Somewhere in Pennsylvania he felt something cool on his cheeks. He took his hand off the steering wheel and touched his face. Wetness. He was crying. Not sobbing or blubbering or talking things out with himself. He was just staring, stone-faced, straight ahead, tears running down his face. Then he was hearing the scratching sound. […]

Thoughts On The Sea Otter Classic

Every year, thousands of bike enthusiasts look forward to the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California. The bike festival boasts a huge expo area for companies to show off their new products and racing for nearly every discipline you can think of. Not only limited to mountain biking, Sea Otter offers road racing and even […]

The Reluctant Wrench 16: Stump-jumping the Shark.

“Everyone has a breaking point, and anyone that hits that point, pushes through it and keeps themselves moving will be a better person afterwards.” Those were the strongest words Dylan had ever read to describe a mountain bike trail. It wasn’t like he sought out killer climbs, he took more joy in getting through a […]

Bounce For The Buck: The KS eTen Dropper Post

After strenuously denying the need or value of a drop post for the last couple of years with an argument based entirely on a long history of not ever dropping my seat post my views recently took a change in direction. In isolation I still don’t see the benefits of the dropper, even having owned […]

Five Ten Kestrel: Trail Tested

For years, mountain bike shoes have fallen into the ends of the mtb spectrum. Either the bastard children of road bike shoes and figure skates or the clunky progeny of skate shoes. There hasn’t been much in the middle. Either plastic tap-shoes or wimpy lace-ups with gummy soles. It amazed me that so few manufacturers […]

The Reluctant Wrench 14: The Houseguest

“Is he awake yet?” Ted asked. He straightened his tie in his reflection on the microwave door. “Not yet,” Andy replied, “at least I haven’t heard him.” “Or the printer, you mean.” Andy poured a bowl of scrambled egg batter into a pan. It hissed at him as he stirred it in. The sweet smell […]