Guest Post – How To Store Your Bike, Easy DIY Bike Racks

Our first guest post comes from Shawn Mcafee over at Texas Mountain Bike Trails. Check out his blog where he not only has great information about Texas trails but also tons of awesome tips for any mountain biker. _________________________________________________ How are you currently storing your bikes? Are they just laid up against the side of […]

EVOC FR Trail 20L – Long Term Review

I have been using the EVOC Freeride Trail pack for just over 7 months and in that time I have taken it on everything from long XC rides to lift assisted riding at Mt. Washington and Whistler. I have ridden with it in all conditions, gotten it wet and muddy the last few months,  covered […]

Bionicon C-Guide V.02

Ever find yourself wishing you didn’t constantly drop your chain on those technical descents, or saying “man, I wish I could get a chain guide that doesn’t need ISCG tabs”? If so, you’re in luck! Below, you’ll find a review of the Bionicon C-Guide V.02 – a nifty little attachment you can slap on pretty […]

Are you content?

Think about the last time you were out on the trail head, and looked over at a more equipped bike. What thoughts went thru your head? What lust or jealousy came over you? Better yet, how long did it take you to look up that accessory when you got home? These are just a few […]

All Work and No Riding Makes Me…

Injuries suck. It’s one thing to hurt yourself riding but another to have an injury or health issue that has nothing to do with riding keep you from enjoying the sweet taste of singletrack. I have not been able to ride for a few months now and not only does it affect me, but everyone […]

Welcome to the Mountain Bike Life

We are a group of bloggers dedicated to sharing what living The Mountain Bike Life means to us. We plan to share our lives, rides and adventures with you and have some fun while doing it. We will bring you original content, honest product reviews and beautiful photos all right here, so make sure to […]

“Why do you ride?”

It’s quite a common question for those of us that, unfortunately, aren’t surrounded by bikers all day every day. I’ve been hearing it for years, and I expect I will continue to hear it for pretty much the rest of my life. Regardless of the cliché, however, it is a good question. Why do I ride? I […]

650B Part 2 The Build

Finally got all my gear back from the brake study, now just waiting for the data from it. So that means I have my frame back with all my rear brakes again…..yeah. With the Avalanche on the stand I can start to loosely put on my gear and check clearances and fitment. I did get […]