Chromag Moon Saddle

I have been riding WTB saddles as long as I can remember … and loving them, except that lately I have been bending the rails – I have had to buy two new saddles this year. Since most good saddles are not cheap, I started looking at alternatives. One that really caught my attention was […]

Renthal Duo Stem – Review

I gotta start this off by saying that it’s a stem. It does its job. It holds my bars to my steerer. There are tons of options out there so, why should anyone look at the Renthal Duo stem over something like the old guard of Thomson? First off, I really like having something a […]

Shimano AM-41 Shoes – Initial Review

I have been riding with Shimano shoes for years but when my DX shoes started falling apart (after 4 years of beating on them) I started looking at some of the newer, sexier shoes in the shops. There is a lot of great competition in the shoe market right now, with Five Ten leading the […]

Loving the Mountain Bike Life

It’s a funny thing, this mountain bike life. To choose to love a mountain biker is to choose to love this crazy life. It became very quickly apparent when I met Rivers that he has a passion for mountain biking that was completely missing in my life. And I was pretty sure that if I […]

Guest Post – How To Store Your Bike, Easy DIY Bike Racks

Our first guest post comes from Shawn Mcafee over at Texas Mountain Bike Trails. Check out his blog where he not only has great information about Texas trails but also tons of awesome tips for any mountain biker. _________________________________________________ How are you currently storing your bikes? Are they just laid up against the side of […]

EVOC FR Trail 20L – Long Term Review

I have been using the EVOC Freeride Trail pack for just over 7 months and in that time I have taken it on everything from long XC rides to lift assisted riding at Mt. Washington and Whistler. I have ridden with it in all conditions, gotten it wet and muddy the last few months,  covered […]