10 Videos to Help You Through Winter

Are you suffering from a lack of riding and too much cold weather? Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Luckily there is no snow where I live, however we are suffering from a nasty drought here in California. Anyways, here are some of my favorite videos from over the years to get you stoked until the […]

What’s in a name?

If you have been paying attention it seems like Specialized is up to it’s old tricks again. This time making a little shop in Cochrane Alberta change it’s name from Cafe Roubaix Bicycle Studio because the big S has the name Roubaix trademarked. Everyone is all up in arms over this and I agree…it’s stupid, […]

Helping a Friend get into Mountain Biking

Mountain biking, sure its more addictive than crack and a little more pricey too (hmmm… there has to be a Rob Ford joke in there somewhere). Recently one of my friends, who rode a really long time ago (as in pre disc brakes) decided that he wanted to get back into biking and I wound […]

18 Things New Riders Need To Know

Mountain biking is an awesome sport, but there are some things new riders may not know that those of us riding for a while have found out through trial and error. This is a learning curve that can not only hurt your body but your pride and your pocket book as well. One of the […]

The Importance of Tires

Sometimes examples from outside the bike world help some shed light on the importance of using right piece of equipment. Tires are easy to overlook especially when trying to budget do you. After all They’re just some random design made out of a rubber compound they can’t make that much of a difference right? Here’s […]

Santa Cruz Super Enduro Race Report

Hmm. Where to start? Well I’ll just say that I had a blast this weekend, and I am hooked on enduro racing! Last weekend was the Santa Cruz Super Enduro here on some of my home trails. My last post detailed some tips that I had been using to prepare for this event, and prepared […]

What’s in a word?

I have been thinking for a while about writing a mountain-bike-to-English translation dictionary. Lord knows if you’re around mountain bikers for any length of time, some sort of translation aid is necessary. However, I have been assured that perfectly good glossaries already exist, so I spent a minute or two pondering why I felt such […]

My First Cross Race

Last weekend I competed in my very first cyclocross race. For those of you that don’t know, cyclocross is basically a cross between mountain biking and road biking. The typical bike used is a heavy duty road bike made for off road use. There is also parts of the course where you must get off […]