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What’s in a word?

I have been thinking for a while about writing a mountain-bike-to-English translation dictionary. Lord knows if you’re around mountain bikers for any length of time, some sort of translation aid is necessary. However, I have been assured that perfectly good glossaries already exist, so I spent a minute or two pondering why I felt such […]

Interbike 2013!

This is a live blogroll of coverage at Interbike 2013, the largest North American Bicycle Tradeshow. Our man on the street, Shawn McAfee from Texas Mountain Bike Trails, is covering some of the hottest new gear and bikes and giving us updates on what we will see coming our way soon! Starting today at the […]

Volunteers: Making Events and Trails Happen

The first post that I came across, at TMBL, was Shannon’s article about bike clubs.  Something in it spoke to me. When I bought my first mountain bike in 2007 (a Kona Caldera, for the record) I took it out to my local club rides and we both were welcomed there.  I was made to […]

7 Small Things to Take on your next XC Ride

It’s a wonderful feeling to ride a mountain bike in a remote location and enjoy stunning scenery. But what happens when things don’t go as planned? We all have spares and tools to help us recover from mechanical failure, but here are seven small but unusual “extras” you might like to take on your next […]