Contributor Ina

For me, biking has always been about the adventure of the ride and not the mechanics of the machine.

I grew up in the Cariboo-Chilcotin area of British Columbia and like many kids growing up in a small town, I had a bike to explore the world around me from the banana seat model to a 10-speed in my teens. Even then, biking wasn’t about having the nicest bike or being the fastest (I was much faster on ice skates) but about the feeling of freedom and curiosity where the path would lead.

It wasn’t until I was in my early 30’s and met my husband-to-be that I started mountain biking and found that feeling of freedom again in the woods, far away from the daily grind of life. Sixteen years and seven bikes later and my love for two-wheeled adventures is just as strong.

I’m excited about sharing my stories with The Mountain Bike Life (TMBL) community. You won’t get technical bike part analysis from me or arguments that 29’ers are best (life’s too short arguing the merits of different wheel sizes – just ride what makes you happy!). I’m all about exploring new places, riding off the beaten path and stopping to eat the saskatoon berries smell the roses. Road trips and alpine/desert singletrack make me happy as does good food, cold beer, and star-filled nights by the campfire.

Thanks to Rivers for inviting me to join the team at TMBL and to Craig for encouraging me to broaden my creative horizons. I hope my stories inspire you to enjoy not just the ride but the journey from your bike seat.