I started The Mountain Bike Life because I am lazy. After running a blog on my own for a few years with moderate success, I was having a hard time coming up with original content all on my own. So I thought, what if I get a few other like-minded passionate mountain bikers to work with and make a super awesome collaborative blog, with all original content, honest reviews and have new content every day? This dream sat in my head for years, till I finally got off my ass and got it started in late 2012.

I have been enjoying this dirty sport of mountain biking for around 30 years now. My parents took me to a bike shop when I was in middle school to get me out of the house…and well, did it ever work. I started riding in the Eugene/Springfield Oregon area and fell into an awesome group bikers that really grew my love of the sport. The Disciples of Dirt are a group of awesome people who have a serious love of all things MTB, between riding, trail maintenance and advocacy…just a great group that taught me the ways of the sport. Thank you to all the old members of the DoD for many great rides, fun times, friendship and helping a young man find a sport he has been passionate about for so long.

After many years and awesome adventures later I now live on beautiful Vancouver Island, ride with a great group of people, get a paycheque helping people reboot their computers and in my off time I enjoy traveling, playing with my kids and riding as much as I can. I hope that The Mountain Bike Life brings us all together as cyclists, that we form a community of awesome people who all love to get a little dirty and have fun on these silly things we call mountain bikes. If you are ever in the Vancouver Island area be sure to let me know, I love to show people our trails. Hope to see you out on the trails!